Who loves them? the looters

Who loves them?

The looters

Call them thugs, looters, criminals. But who loves them?

Probably no one ever has. I'm not talking about the spectators, the hangers on, the opportunists, but the thuggish, criminal looters.

Who has ever loved them?

Not the politicians with little to commend them but ambition and confidence. Not the police. They are part of the underclass too: blamed: let down by their leaders.

Not the small shopkeepers and households whose lives, homes and businesses are brainlessly destroyed.

Are these looters so different from the banks who have plundered society, created depression and unemployment ?

Well yes! the bankers have been bankrolled by the government and society.

No water cannon, no extra policing for them, no armoured vehicles, rubber bullets. No jail. No regulation. Bonuses. Pirates.

Who loves them?

Who loves the looters on the street: the hard core looters?

Should someone?

Not the schools whose teachers have been undermined by the politicians for forty years or so: politicians from good schools.

Who loves them? Maybe not the parents who didn't give them ambition and confidence.

Who knows?

Who loves them?

Should someone love anyone?

Who loves the thuggish underclass?

In their own way, their mates.

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