Bullying Mr Corbyn

My immediate response is distrust, when I see groups ganging, up as in schooldays, like bullies against any target person, whether one agrees with that person or not. Indeed, their views are sometimes, by some criteria, reprehensible. But it’s the bullying that’s the problem.


In the UK, it’s happening to MrJeremy Corbyn.


 It really stretches the imagination to accept the picture the media presents of him, as some kind of monster. A contradictory picture. A monster, threatening the yapping, two-party, Parliamentary monopoly. Corbyn painted as combining  ineffectuality, laziness, unscrupulousness, clandestine tolerance of the unacceptable, and intimidation. In the same painting, a sort of ill-dressed wobbling, bicycling, clown, who can’t conceivably be taken seriously, yet  threatens our entire constitutional way of life, embodied in New Labour, who would, if only given another chance, a second chance, a third chance, or one more chance, would rescue Parliamentary Democracy and give the Conservatives what for,  a scamper for their money, despite New Labour being closer, temperamentally, socially and by educational background, to the array of Front Bench Conservatives over the past seven years, than most of the voters they represent.  


Maybe the Guardian is the worst. Habitually one expects something better, a habit that’s not grounded in much evidence, from the last 10 years. But other newspapers and TV fit the same pattern.


A recent article in the Times Literary Supplement was a welcome exception to this.


My feeling is about Corbyn is; Give the guy a chance. Which means making allowance for the fact that the dark, secret ambition of most of the current set of Labour MPs (Why aren’t they open for re-selection by the same media and selected Corbyn?) doesn’t permit him to construct a half decent Shadow Cabinet.


A problem facing the traditional media is that they are being disintermediated by new media which confounds tradition by being interactive. For better and worse.  Corbyn supporters recognised this and have used it (or the Guardian or Newsnight would say, exploited it) effectively.


One only needs to attend a Labour Party Branch Meeting to realise the extent to which Corbynites are stifled. I hope ineffectually.


Corbin faces the difficulty of being there because he offers something new and being demonised because he offers something new.




But that’s to be expected.

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