Brexit won'happen. Why?



I’m sure you didn’t hear it here first, Brexit won’t happen.




Our negotiation strategy is absurd because our situation is absurd; absurd cost, time and most of all, distraction from the real problems of inequality, celebrity culture and corporate corruption.


How will Brexit be avoided?


Jeremy Corbyn’s support is mainly from Remainers. He wants to keep EU employment rights and probably social policy. Gradually the Labour Party will slide into a Remain position.


Another referendum follows, backed by Conservative claimants to the Conservative throne.


Sooner rather than later. This time with the real choice, not the one offered by the Cameron/Osborne government; either all but the rich and the nearly rich get poorer relatively and absolutely, or we remain in the Union.


What Union means will be befogged enough to be equivalent to where we were before June 2016, without seeming to be so.


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