The 18th International Likhachov Scientific Conference 17-19 May 2018

XVIII International Likhachov Scientific Conference

17 of May, Thursday
Plenary session
«The contours of the future in the context of the world's cultural development»
18 of May, Friday
Panel discussion
Section 1«Problems and ways of settling modem international conflicts»
Section 2«Marxism and culture (On the 200 th anniversary of birth of Karl Marx)»
Section 3«The interaction of cultures and modem cultural studies»
Section 4«Economics and law in the context of contemporary cultural development»
Section 5«Social and Labor relations in the XXI century: fundamental shifts and new challenges»
Section 6«The ideas of D.S. Likhachov and modernity» (International forum of high school student)»
19 of May, Saturday
Summing up the results of the Readings (meeting of the Organizing Committee)